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Coach Jorge

Jorge has been a competitive powerlifter for over a decade and has spent over 1

5 years in the gym. He can help you with general fitness goals, athletic performance enhancement, and powerlifting.  He is a 90kg Masters class lifter. 

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Coach Mitch

AAU Powerlifter and Bodybuilder Mitch can get you dialed in for any competition.  With over a decade in the gym Mitch has created his own conjugate style training program and can get you platform or stage ready.  

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Coach John

John is an 82.5/90/100kg USPA open division  lifter and Nevada State record holder, 1 of only 2 USPA Powerlifting Coach Practitioners in Nevada and an AAU powerlifting coach.  John specializes in preparing lifters for the platform.  He has helped lifters from 15-75 years old set state and national records.  with over a decade of experience in the gym John can get you platform ready.

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Coach T 

An 8x  Jr. state and national record holder Terrell is coming up in the sport of powerlifting very fast.  He is excellent at programming and specializes in online programming.  He has over 5 years experience in the gym and is obsessed with tracking progress and custom programming for strength.  

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