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LVASP was created with the intention of making the world a better place to lift.  We created it to welcome in new faces to our community and to help anyone willing to put in the work, to be as strong as they can be as safe as they can be.  

Our #1 goal with anyone we train is to make them competent lifters and grow the strength community! 

The most important part of any strength or fitness journey is to learn your own body.  You have to learn how to listen to it.  Everyone is different and everyone should train differently.  Anyone can follow a program and see minor results, but the best results come from training weaknesses and tuning in to your body's individual needs.

At LVASP you are never in the dark, all coaching packages are unique to the individual and are made to MAXIMIZE results, with explanations for everything along the way.  We don't just work you out and make you sweat, we train you for to meet your goals and teach you everything you need to know to keep making gains for a lifetime.  

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